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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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hit and killed by a train, police responded to the tracks near main in ellicott city. they found wayne pen a, he was flown to shock trauma where he died. at this point they have found no evidence of foul play. a volunteer firefighter was injured when he lost his footing and fell. he was taken to shock trauma but was treated and released. >> still no word on what caused a weekend fire in harford county, it started at attorney general at a town home on gar luck place in bel air. the home was severely damaged. no one was injured. 8-year-old darryl brown disappeared last week in the 800 block of east fayette street. no word yet on how or where he was picked up. three people are charged with assault after being stabbed in anne arundel mills mall. an 18-year-old was stabbed in
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the back at the food court. leandre simms a 7-year-old and a juvenile were all arrested. they are not sure what led to the fight. >> meanwhile, police are still -- . >> all right. we'll check on that weather for you. temperature-wise, it was pretty seasonable today, but we did see changes start to develop across much of the east coast. let's take a look first ought our temperature pattern, low to mid-50s, 55 in, 54 in cambridge and 50 over in dover. temperatures not that bad but here is what we're watching, satellite radar trend, cloudy conditions up an down the east coast now. you see most of the rain is beginning to push in out of the south and west, the heaviest of this stuff down in through eastern kentucky right now, western north carolina toward ashville, we've got more precipitation down into the south carolina region.
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all headed our way. should come in here past midnight but as we check maryland's most powerful radar, nothing on it yet. again expecting that to change as we go late into the overnight period. let's check out that evening forecast here, as we go forward in time tonight, 50s event into the 40s, mostly cloudy. i think we stay dry the rest of the evening, i think once we go past midnight and into the day tomorrow we're looking at a good shot of soaking rain. now how long will those rains last and what will it mean for the rest of the week. we'll have that coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks wyatt. >> the mystery of the ohio family is, investigators now say there is a chance that other three missing family members won't be found alive. t.j. winnik with the very latest. about >> okay. looks like we're having some difficulty with that story, we'll move on. >> meanwhile cruz in oregon are once again searching for kyron
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horman, missing 7-year-old. they are focusing on part of the columbia river, they hope changing weather will turn up some much needed evidence. kyron has been missing now for more than 5 months. so a sunday afternoon drive turned into a terror for several motorists when someone shout out their windows with a bb gun. it happened on a sharp tougher over the lock wave and reservoir, jeff haeger joins us now with the latest on details with the story. >> they don't know if the shooter meant harm or fired out of mischief. they say whoever is responsible for firing on the cars could face some very serious charges. >> closer, i can still hear the road, i'll be down over this way. >> reporter: it's bow season and hunters here at the lock raven reservoir are hoping to bag a deer without becoming a target for a new threat in
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these woods. >> it's not like kids goofing off in the woods. >> especially a vehicle, it's gonna -- >> late sunday afternoon, police received reports of someone shooting at cars here on warren road. the person or persons responsible apparently fired from a concealed position in the woods; targeting vehicles as they rounded a sharp curve and prepared to drive over the bridge. george me seeny's wife became a target. >> all of a sudden she heard this explosion as she characterized it and there was no place to stop so she crossed a bridge, noticed a couple of other cars that had stopped there and right away saw that their win toes had been shattered. >> reporter: the bee be also had shattered her window leaving a large hole where it struck. natalie mesine was one of the other ones. >> one was injured in the leg and the other one was injured when the glass, the windshield, got in her eye. >> reporter: city watershed
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rangers have stepped up patrols in the area and they discovered two teenaged boys leaving the woods, but the teens searched the area and a search of if area did not turn up any gun. >> first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last. but any time you can first of all publicize it and then do something with the parents, you know, it's hard to pass judgment knowing. i mean they did a really stupid thing. but just sort of maybe goes there. >> the driver with an injured eye was taken to a local hospital and has since been released. jeff haeger, abc 2 news. president obama is back in the white house after his 10- day asian trip and it comes just as the new republican freshman class in the house is heading to capitol hill. in this class 109 of them are newcomers. 35 have never held elected office and many new lawmakers electedden a promise to roll
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back president obama's agenda on a potential collision course with the weakened commander in chief who has now called for cooperation. >> in that excessive focus on policy i neglected some things that matter a lot to people, and rightly so. >> democrats are expected to get nancy pelosi as house leader. that sends voters the exact message. >> the new class of freshmen representatives in washington today started by giving getting their photos taken. now they'll have time to live their way across capitol hill before the new session begins just after the new year. well, the feds bust 7 more people as the investigation into corruption in prince george's county government
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widens. this time three police officers are facing federal charges, roosevelt leftwich is back with the latest. kelly. >> the arrests began this morning as u.s. marshalls and 150 police officers scooped up 7 people in raids across st. george's county and into virginia. several of the arrests revolve around am ron sing mele and his wife, reconvenience data mele. they say they paid at least two police officers and others to smuggle cigarettes and liquor from virginia into maryland to avoid paying taxes. the other case involves two virginia men including a pg county officer accused of conspiring to spread cocaine. this is part of an ongoing investigation into corruption in the county but they said it would not have much to do with executive pg thompson. >> our mission is to identify any leads, any credible allegations of corruption, and follow that evidence wherever it may take us. that's our job and that's what
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we intend to do. where we wind up, that's going to be a function of the evidence that we uncover and it's not my function or comment on what may be the end result of the investigation or what the significance of that might be. >> it's our job just to stick -- >> three police officers indicted in two cases are police sergeant richard delaberer and sin si symptom inc. the other is have a rick symptom, melly and his wife convenience dra mele, also included are mere mikell vick and josi moreno of alexandria, virginia. he is also charged, the feds seized more than $3.5 million in more than two dozen businesses and they say they are still looking. roosevelt leftwich. the battle over body scans and patdowns heats up. they say they are necessary whether you like them or not. and later we all know exercise
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is good for you but new research indicates it could help protect women from problems. ,
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let's go back now to that disturbing story of that missing family out of ohio. they are now saying the three people who are missing won't be found alive. here is abc's t.j. winnik. >> reporter: the search continued today in an ohio park for any sign of cody maynard, his mother and stephanie sprang. the three have been missing since last wednesday and now authorities feel the worst. >> based on evidence there is a possibility that sarah, tina, and cody are dead. >> cody's teenaged sister was discovered bound and gagged but alive in this the basement of this home outside columbus, ohio. she is released from the hospital and is staying with relatives. >> she is fine. obviously she has been through a lot.
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a 13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger, umm, i would call her the epitomy of bravery. >> reporter: the investigation now focuses on the home's owner, 30-year-old matthew hoffman, under arrest on kidnapping charges, he has been behind bars before for arson. >> it's kind of weird, climbing trees and stuff like that. >> reporter: his parents live within walking distance of sarah's house but any other connection is still unclear. it was only when tina didn't show up for work last week that police were called. they found the home littered with beer cans and blood. >> the amount of blood, the fact that no one has apparently seen or heard anything out of tina company, cody or stephanie since then, we're encouraging the public that in they've had some contact please let us know. >> reporter: police will not say what led them to hoffman's house but more charges against him are expected. t.j. winnik, new york. pilots and passengers
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aligning are speaking out against the new body scans and pat-downs at airports, they are saying the measures are intrusive. tsa chief john pe truce is urging them to say the measures are unnecessary to prevent tractor attacks. >> we want to know that everybody on every flight wants to know that everybody has been properly screened so that there's not a set of box cutters or shoe bombs or whatever it may be, so we have to find that area that we can provide the best possible security to address those issues. >> those comments came after a california man got into a dispute with tsa officers this weekend after refusing to undergo a body scan at the san diego airport. thanksgiving is coming up fast and for many americans that means a long trip over the river and through the woods. but how do you keep your kids on a train for that long ride to grandma's house.
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charlie klassen has a few trips to keep the kids occupied. >> you been a good boy. >> reporter: for millions of parents like walker step coal the thanksgiving weekend brings with it lengthy trips, visiting family. >> there it is. >> reporter: and when you've got the little ones in tow the road can present some unique challenges keeping the kids occupied. >> for the baby we have some little rattle toys but for the kids it's mainly just like some of the interaction and things like that. >> patricia mahoney and her kids go the eye image nahtive route going brain teasers to pass the time. >> like 20 questions, both the kids love to play who am i and sometimes it will be 50 questions. >> all good tips. regina have a a lil a says travelers should consider keeping the kids occupied and entertained among themselves. >> depending on the ages of kids they have coloring books outeating rings, snacks or whatever it may be, for the
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other kids it could be a few things. >> reporter: keep safety the top priority making sure the little ones are trip-ready in age and size-appropriate seating. parents should keep the trip as comfortable as possible giving kids enough room and not filing cramped. he suggests bringing healthy snacks and drinks that won't get too messy. to are that you may want to pack napkins, handy wipes and a trash pack. finally, she says plan for the accidents along the way and budget time for periodic stops. >> give yourself a rest from the road but stop so obviously the children can get a rest, stretch their legs, use the rest room, things like that. >> reporter: all things parents should keep in mind. but walker step coal has a little advice for mom and dad making that drive. >> yeah, just try to get there as quickly as possible and just, you know, put your head down and keep goin', just barrel through it. >> tips, to take lots of patience with you. if you're traveling by air,
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they say games, coloring books and crayions work great. the big problem is cabin pressure so make sure the little ones have something to drink so their ears will pop. go to the lifestyle tab on our went and click on travel for more details. you can always have everybody come to your house and you don't have to drive. >> you don't know what to bring them in, or head to grandma's. >> then you got to cook. that's the downside. >> unless you can get some fried turkey go somewhere. >> if you can possibly do that. pay the price. >> cloudy today, we did not see any rain, do not expect to see any overnight. wet day tomorrow, we haven't had rain a long time, could use some. keep the umbrella tomorrow. >> all right. i won't complain. >> i need that thing. >> let's look outside. a grey day, a grey end to the day. a purple hugh in the sky there right now so we get past sunset here. 50 out at bwi, humidity 83%,
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almost no wind at all. through the day we saw some bright necessary early on but then the clouds roll in and kind of thicken up and more and more murky as we get later in to the day here these are some of our weather net cameras across the state. chesapeake beach, generally a cloudy scenario here as well. not a lot of wind today. we had a few breezes up around 9:00, 10:00 miles per hour, those were the gusts, a minimal amount of wind across the state. temperatures hovering around 50 degrees, 43 west, 55 east in ocean city, so on the whole pretty seasonable november nights and not that cold, just a little on the cool side. highs today mid-to upper 50s, d.c. we've got close to 60, did not get there. got there in georgetown, delaware and culpepper, virginia. let's take an early peek at tomorrow. cloudy, rain likely, carney 56 with a good shot of rain. heavy and steady toward ellicott city.
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high temperature there about 57. maryland's most powerful radar, five sweeps and finding nothing out there. so it is quiet, quiet on the range. but we expect to see the radar much more active as we go into the day tomorrow and especially late in the day tomorrow. let's take you out to a regional-wide radar scan. beginning to push in across eastern kentucky down through southwestern virginia. down here in the coal country, southwestern virginia. showers begin to creep in we think late tonight but the leading edge of these showers, even if we get radar indicated rain over the state by 10, 11:00 it probably won't touch the ground until we get into the overnight. air still really dry at the surface, clouding up high, again a lot of rain inbound here, two different waves in fact. area of low pressure centered down into alabama and georgia right now. cooler air fudge in out of the upper midwest. high pressure sitting just offshore, the last of our dry weather with this system, getting out of here.
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so things will get more unsettled next couple of days. future forecast, here is how it looks, chance for showers, overnight, and maybe some damp roads at daybreak. but the better chance for steadier rain will come in tomorrow evening, evening commute, likely to be wet and win deas well, and then as we go overnight tuesday still some rain around and then as we go into the wednesday they finally kick this thing out of here and drier weather will move in behind it but it will be breezy and cooler. overnight cloudy, showers by morning, tuesday 56 or so, rain at times, heavier pie evening and tomorrow night. we're going to keep the rain around but it will kick out of here as we go into the day on wednesday at least. let's show you the seven-day forecast, here is how things develop through the rest of the workweek. you know, mid-50s tomorrow, rain likely morning and night, into wednesday, mostly cloudy, a chance of a couple showers, not out of the question that western maryland could see a flurry or two thursday afternoon and then we'll look
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for temperatures to rebound into the weekend back in the upper 50s, kelly. >> thanks wyatt. the internet was all abuzz today with speculation about what facebook's big announcement would actually be. they thought the internet site would announce its own email service and it did sort of. the new messaging system code named titan will integrate features of email, instant messageling and text messaging, they will be able to get email addresses but ceo mark zuckerberg says it is not designed to replace traditional services. it will roll out with select users getting invitation toss try it early. a botched robbery, a young man killed, and three suspects on the loose. more on theter filing night for workers at a glen burnie pizza shop ahead at 5:30. and meet doctor dog. how this pup is keeping his
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the american cancer society recommends exercise as a part of cancer prevention. the associate advises 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. a new cancer that affects women confirms the positive effects of this exercise. timothy johnson has more tonight in our medical minute. >> en dough meet rio or uterine cancer is the fourth most common kind of cancer in women. a new report from the cancer research in women finds other
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findings that exercise is an important part of preventing this. 665 welcome pared with this cancer to 665 age-matched women. it's found that women who exercised for 150 minutes a week or more had a 34% reduced risk of uterine cancer compared to women who were inactive. the results were even more dramatic in under weight women who showed a risk reduction of 73% compared to inactive women who were overweight. but even overweight women who were physically active have a 52% lower risk. as one of the author's study's put it clearly a program should be in place to increase the level of physical activity in women. with this medical minute i'm dr. timothy johnson. day-to-day life can be a challenge for parents of young children with diabetes. one toddler in texas has found a four-legged companion who has
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always got her back. 2-year-old faith wilson needs 15 to 20 finger pricks a day to manage her fluctuating levels. but thanks to her dog she knows when to check levels. ruby uses her nose to smell, she then picks up a prick strip which is their signal to take action. >> people say something like "i don't have a dog," an angel with fur. >> she says the creature is a true success story but she is still just a dog and not a replacement for traditional methods of diabetes management. coming up on abc 2 news at 5:30, the very latest on the investigation into a murder at anne arundel county pizza shop. and michael jackson is back on the radio more than a year after his death. that and much more coming up at 5:30. stay tuned.
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